I found Kesh to be thorough, helpful, understanding and very informative when it came to all my dealings with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy insurance.
~ Jerry Franco

Sincere, Honest and Direct

Within minutes of meeting Kesh Malik, you’ll notice his genuine smile and warm sense of humour. Within hours, you’ll learn about his love of the arts, his hurting golf game and, most importantly, his commitment to the client-advisor relationship.

As passionate about your interests as he is about his own, Kesh will refrain from offering advice until he’s had a chance to get to know you. Why? Because without understanding the hand you’ve been dealt, he believes it would be unreasonable to help you plan your next move effectively.

Committed to your best interests, Kesh isn’t afraid to challenge your perspectives or views if he perceives them to be detrimental to your wellbeing – and Kesh should know.

First-hand experience taught him the value of financial security at an early age. Today, he boasts exceptional expertise in navigating his way through hundreds of financial products, never quitting until he finds a winning combination that addresses each individual client’s lifestyle, commitments, needs and wishes.

As an advisor, his skills, sharpened by his experience in the financial sector, are superior thanks to his thirst for knowledge of world affairs and social behaviors in a changing financial climate.

In Kesh you will find a friend who is sincere, honest, direct and genuine; a partner who goes beyond expectations and acts always as your best advocate; an advisor who takes the business of protecting you and your monetary future personally.