Insurance Products:

Mortgage Insurance

Looking for insurance that will protect you and your family in the event you pass away or are otherwise forced to default on your mortgage? While mortgage insurance offered by your bank or mortgage broker may seem convenient, it’s convenience at a cost.

If you do some comparison shopping – and Kesh has done plenty – you’ll see that it’s actually far more cost effective and beneficial to cover this liability by purchasing additional insurance through your life insurance company. They’ll give you double the coverage – and for less!

Unlike life insurance, mortgage insurance doesn’t cover the surviving spouse in the event one spouse dies. Also, it only reaps you the amount of your principal owing at claim time. In other words, while your monthly payments remain the same month-to-month, your coverage is reduced as you pay off your mortgage.

To add insult to injury, mortgage insurance premiums are tacked on to mortgage payments, making it hard for you to track how much you’re actually paying.

So, before you say yes to mortgage insurance, speak to Kesh. He’ll help you find a product that protects you and your loved ones – not your lender.